Viktoria the Fashionista: by Deek Golovach on





I’ve only got these images to go by in identifying the little model: in one she’s called “Viktoria” by the photographer, Deek – and I’m assuming there’s just one little blonde to start with. I don’t even know if “Deek” is male or female: I added “Golovach” since some of the images in the photostream  have that as the watermark. “Fashionista” is my improvement on Google Translate’s rather clumsy “Fashion-monger” for the title of the first shot: you can see she has her cool shades and lots of colourful beauty products. The framing on a couple show how far back these go – nine years in some cases. (Nick 11 as ever contributes encouraging comments – the rather banal “Beautiful!” and “Cute!”…..)


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