For the Princess/Games for Girls/Strawberries and Cream by Alevtina on




Well, my usual problems with Photosight images: is the photographer male or female (with pictures of younger girls this is more important than you might think – tho’ the photographer’s name, “Alevtina“, certainly sounds female); are they posted on any parallel sites like or Facebook that might give more context; are there Russian cultural clues that I’m missing….. The middle colour image has an enigmatic extra caption: “Ira (my favourite alien baby)” – does this mean that the model is called Ira? The marionette? For all of these questions I have no definite answers…..and I must admit you don’t look very surprised…..

They are deliberately composed and shot: the photographer had a clear idea of what she was doing – for me they’re intriguing: why’s the model only wearing underwear (tho’ I’m aware that Russian children wear underwear almost as normal casual indoor clothing); what’s the significance of the marionette and the broken, discarded dolls, the books, the strawberries and cream, one being in colour and two in monochrome?…..So many questions…..

Remarkably, these are Alevtina’s only images of children – this one girl – tho’ you’d have to say that “enigmatic” would be a good word to describe most of them….


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