Inspired Child: Shannon Sewell


Shannon Sewell uses this lovely, memorable image as an example of her work (among others), when trying to attract potential students for her “Inspired Child” course at The Define It describes itself as “an unconventional online school for the developing photographer”, and she herself gives a convincing sales pitch:

“Inspired Child


Teacher Shannon Sewell

Many photographers get caught up in photographing subject matter that is expected. It is either prescribed by mentors or is an extension of other photographers’ inspiration. Many times, though, this is not a true indication of what the artist is capable of, or what truly inspires the individual behind the lens. Anyone can learn the technical side of photography- f-stops, shutter speeds, and use of light can all be taught. What cannot just be easily transmitted are style, inspiration, and creative interpretation, and these things are of the utmost importance.

The artists that make a splash are innovators; they do what has never been done. The only way to do this yourself is to forge your own path with the unique gifts you have been given. Shannon believes that as artists, we should put more emphasis on selling ourselves and less emphasis on selling our photos. YOU must come to the table and show up in your work. The question is… how do you achieve this?” (Shannon Sewell)

…..she goes on to describe how the course is organised, with some good inspiring words of encouragement:

“Be prepared to spend time on you and grow as an individual and an artist.” (Shannon Sewell)

….now, where do I sign up…..?


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