A Glume-y Interlude

I find new images of Thémis every week, so a definitive collection seems improbable: but this is probably as good as you’re going to get….

The Lost Girls


As an interlude between more blog-relevant posts, I thought I’d introduce the Glume family to anyone interested, (particularly Christian, if he hasn’t heard of them before). My main focus is on the girl above, Thémis,  who is an extraordinary Belgian child model. Her main photographers have been her mother, Ganaëlle, and Ryan Mills, from Spokane, USA. Ganaëlle does most types of photography, in particular fashion and studio, using Thémis a great deal, as well as her younger, red-headed brother. I’ve got no idea how Ryan Mills met them, or found himself in Belgium, but he has produced some of the most intimate portraits of Thémis (the one above is by him), often invoking his mentor, Jock Sturges in the power, depth and emotional clarity of the shots – and a preference for shooting girls in particular.

The Glumes post a lot, with their own site, Petit Monde, now…

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