Alisa Sabirova (via


Sometimes you think there must be an action that reproduces the effect of sandblasting the model’s skin, then covering it with a layer of slightly transparent rubber: it’s pretty, but if you saw a real girl in the street looking like this, you’d probably poke her with a stick…..

The girl is another in the sweetly smiling army of Russian mini-models,  Alisa Sabirova, and the photographer, according to the Instagram link below, is Yana Chuvalova – a photographer I admire for having a DeviantArt account, but worry about what she does to children’s eyes….digitally, that is….

Here’s a companion:


…as you can see, she’s a slight little thing, with a delicate bone structure. She even does the “D’you think I look like KPim?” routine – when strangely enough she looks more like KPim’s supposed doppelganger Elizabeth Hiley – the first is Alisa/Kristina compared, then the second la Hiley:


….and if you look at the images coming up, you’ll see that Alisa has a slightly lazy eye, like Elizabeth:








….she’s sweet, and her Instagram account shows a normal little girl, really enjoying going to Florence as a Monnalisa model at Pitti Bimbo – but she doesn’t have the charisma of a KPim or a KPak. For a purely physical difference, have a look at Kristina Pimenova’s lips in the diptych with Alisa – naturally full and sensual, while Alisa’s are quite thin without a lot of MUH work…..

[In the little test from 16/03/17 Alisa Sabirova is the girl on the right!]


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