Ivy Basinger and Friends: Olesja Mueller-Astrauskas

I have to start with one of my favourite models – Ivy Basinger  –  who has that inexplainable ability to be photogenic, even when the various parts of her face aren’t particularly attractive. Lithuanian-born and Los Angeles-domiciled Olesja Mueller (Mueller-Astrauskas on Facebook) did a lovely set with her when she was a few years younger (she’s only about thirteen now – tho’ try telling the over-18 image content platforms), in the photographer’s trademark white:








……just to show that she really does favour predominantly white outfits (models including Gigi Papasavvas):










She’s even got Kristina Pimenova into white:





Dragging herself way from virginal white, she’s done a number of other lovely portraits:







….including probably her most reposted duo:



….tho’ she’s hardly the first photographer to recognise the attractive visual effect of heavy boots paired with a lacy skirt or frilly bloomers. The final image is a miserable format of another favourite  –  Kaegan Baron (and not taken from “Sweet Kaegan”, by the way…..):


Being based in Los Angeles means Olesja has a rather specialised clientele: a lot of aspiring little models/actresses in need of headshots and general portfolio sets – so she has Gallery Row Studio dedicated to that work and concentrates her more traditional sessions (fashion, editorial, advertising, glamour) on her personal site. She also has a rather weird blog on Tumblr (weird in that Tumblr isn’t a great platform for text), where among other things she gives out great advice for aspiring models, how to prepare your child for a shoot, agency scams etc. – well worth reading……see below for an interview:


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