Flea Market Vendor’s Daughter: Sylvia Plachy, 1984

Flea Market Vendor's Daughter, 1984

So many contrasts in this brilliant image: ignorance and experience, childhood and adulthood, innocence and sexuality, concealment and exposure, naked and clothed, representation and reality…..an extremely dense work of art.

This is part of the Wiki dedicated to the photographer, the Hungarian-American Sylvia Plachy – also mother to Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody:

“Sylvia Plachy (born 24 May 1943) is a Hungarian/American photographer. She was born in Budapest, Hungary. Her Hungarian Jewish mother was in hiding in fear of Nazi persecution during World War II. Her father was a Hungarian Roman Catholic of aristocratic descent and she was raised in his faith.

Plachy’s family moved to New York City in 1958, after the Hungarian revolution and two years after they had crossed into Austria for safety, hidden in a horse-drawn cart. She started photographing in 1964 “with an emphasis of recording the visual character of the city along with its diverse occupants.” (Wikipedia.org)

It’s funny how the concept of “immigrant” has changed…


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