Laurent Douard: d’Aucy (d’Amour et d’Aucy)


Although it doesn’t seem to reverse-search now, I’ve seen this monochrome crop on a number of Pinterest boards and repost sites: often with a caption marvelling at how pretty the model is. And it is a lovely image: her eyes seem on the verge of tears, her gaze fathomless as she contemplates a drama in her young life…..

When in fact it’s taken from a fun-filled French haricot beans TV ad……and the fixed expression? She’s concentrating on the music coming from inside the tin of beans (“Parlez-moi d’amour”….).

This is the very definition of the word “bathos”. The guy taking the credit seems to be a management-type, Laurent Douard, but the “Director” of the 20-second clip is given as Thierry Rajik – so he’s quite possibly responsible for the cute shot of the model with her head pressed against the can –  click on the link here. I don’t remember the model’s face from any fashion promotions – but that’s got to be the sweetest snub-nose on the planet….and needless to say, the long list of credits doesn’t include actors or actresses.



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