Alina Budeeva by Masha Simkina via Fashion



As so often happens, a relatively simple gesture or pose can make an image memorable. These two come from what I imagine was a normal session for the eleven-year-old Russian model, Alina Budeeva, and the photographer Masha Simkina: they’ve worked together a number of times, from what I can gather from Fashion These other shots from the session are pleasant, but pretty forgettable:



….including possibly the millionth shot in front of an empty white birdcage…

But the photographer went for a closer shot, said “Hug your knees” (as girls, but not boys, tend to do), and….the miracle happened. It helps that Alina is a pretty girl, blonde, and was wearing white tights and cardigan: the texture of the tights is also an important factor in the success of the two images.

Here are a couple more of her, also by Masha:




….white certainly suits her….


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