Ciel Wild. Meadow Doe. (for Fleur + Dot by the Wild x Dear)


….if your little Peanut must have an old-fashioned fabric doll – and the sale price of $72 doesn’t put you off – then “Ciel Wild. Meadow Doe.” (the full stops/periods seem to be important) could be the one for her…
Yes the online shop, sorry –  boutique, is very alternative, whimsical and over-priced:   Fleur + Dot, while the manufacturer of the doll is The Wild x Dear, whose site is basically the same as Fleur + Dot’s, so I’m not sure what the demarcation is.

Irritating is probably too gentle a word:

“Ciel Wild is inspired by Parisian style magazines and loves to find new ways to wear her dotted bow. She likes to people watch from the steps of art museums. Libraries are her next favorite thing. She loves to sip chocolate chaud with a biscotti on the side. Ciel would love to be friends with someone who loves dressing up, art and desserts involving chocolate.”

I like imagination, and even a touch of whimsy, but for me this is a self-indulgent step too far…

Fleur and Dot is, however, a great one-stop shop for vintage children’s clothes (where you can see what inspires their designers), and children’s clothes in general –  with a great emphasis on material: patterns, textures and prints – all with a retro feel, as well as patterns, accessories and bedding. The Facebook links I’ve added show that they’ve invested enough in promotion to use an excellent photographer like Shannon Sewell, as well as an expensive model like Laneya Grace: it’s a niche that’s probably expanding, as the next generation of natural-life-vegan-food-IT-savvy rich mommies and daddies start investing in their little Peanuts….


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