Finger in the Nose (It Probably Sounds Better in Translation….)


It’s hard to believe that the company that produced this – Finger in the Nose – works in the same country to roughly the same demographic as Mises en Scène: except it doesn’t. The country is the same – France – but the emphasis is very strongly urban vs. country, rock ‘n’ roll vs. romantic. Also F in N really does produce a lot of boys’ styles, unlike M en S, and even for the girls a dress like the one I’m leading with (or even skirts, for that matter), are few and far between. Basically it’s a denim-lead house-style:

“A lot of authenticity, a touch of “Rock & Roll attitude”, combined with a dose of functionality, our jeans and sportswear collection successfully unites the look of an adult garment with the need for a child’s comfort.” (Finger in the Nose,

Since the image of the girl wearing the “Carry” dress doesn’t reverse-search to the company itself, I tracked it back via an interesting blog run by an American woman, married to a Frenchman, and living in Paris –  called Merci Paris:

“Finger in the Nose is a French brand based in the Marais created by a French Norwegian duo with real rocker flair. The owner happens to be a friend of my husband, which is a nice thing considering that my son lives in their jeans, hooded sweaters and t-shirts year-round.  They have just the right slim fit and cool edge.” (

…..from this you can tell that the style is rather American, with a French twist. Clearly I’m going to feature their girls’ outfits, but the boys’ stuff is also well worth a look:















….you can also tell from the different formats and visual styles to the images (all from Facebook) that they have a rather hap-hazard approach to promoting their product: very few have the name of the outfit, and they stick in reposts from other sources with absolutely no comments to help you work out the rationale.  The “Carry” dress (also in the Facebook link below) is a bit of a one-off: it does come from a collection they put out six years ago, but the hippy-chick look didn’t exist before, or get repeated later – a pity, but I presume they made a decision based on sales and the reception it got at the time….


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