Edyta Linek: Stock Images (via Dreamstime.com)



When I’m searching for a particular image, I’m always impatient with (usually) Google’s insistence on providing stock image sites’ goods first: it makes sense for them, because they pay, but it’s pointless for me to have an image with disfiguring watermarks, or just to have irrelevant hits provided because they are more commercially viable for the search engine. What I tend to forget is the sheer number of good, well shot portraits that are sold by excellent photographers on these sites – and the two above are a good example.

The photographer is a Polish woman, Edyta Linek, professionally known as “Hallgerd” – and just on Dreamstime.com she has over 3,200 images, uploading an average of about 25 a month. A lot of these are children, often as cute as these two images, but logically she provides anything she thinks will sell, from food to balloons. Here’s Dreamstime’s choice for one of her most popular – you can’t out-cute a girl and a teddy-bear…..:



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