Emma Donnelly for Little Creative Factory SS15












I’m not quite sure why you’d need thigh-highs with a swimming costume  (unless you’re a Japanese Junior Idol), but I guess it’s art and not function that matters when fashion promotions are being shot….

The photographer, Emma Donnelly, has a nice piece in Enfants Terribles Magazine, describing how she met the ladies who run Little Creative Factory, while she was on holiday in Barcelona with her daughter Agnes. A year or so later the “Hope to see you again soon” (that she puts in the passage quoted below) had its fruition in the session you see above:

“Last month, we travelled to Barcelona and the Costa Brava as a family and amongst a heap of fantastic family times I managed to sneak off and meet the fabulous team at Little Creative Factory. Honestly, these ladies are the most welcoming and friendly people and they are creating something special. Thank you Cristina and team for your warm welcome – I hope to see you again soon.” (Emma Donnelly, Enfants Terribles Magazine)

Click on the Facebook link and you’ll see how much this brand likes hats. Big and small….

(PS “@takeapicturelady” is Emma Donnelly’s professional name: given graciously to her by her daughter….)


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