Lady Diana Spencer: Family Photographs




Diana was much more photogenic in this period  (late ’60s, early ’70s) than until well into her marriage. The engagement photos are unspeakably awful….. The last shot shows her looking very teed off before being taken to boarding school. With regard to the day her father, The 8th Earl Spencer, placed her in West Heath Boarding School, Diana said:

“And when he left, he kissed me goodbye. That day I said to him, if you leave me now, you don’t love me. Which is a crippler, isn’t it?  But I meant it.”

The trunk (a Mossman, apparently) and tuck box have her name neatly stenciled on them….those were the days…

These do make you ponder one of the big “What if?” questions….What if she’d never met dear old Charles? Happily married minor aristocrat sounds a lot better than sad, dead divorced princess…..


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