Hey Marcie, D’You Know What “Zip” Means in Arabic?


Well, there’s actually no “p” in Arabic, but “zip” still sounds remarkably like the word for…..penis. And as you can see, the international sales company that owns the Portuguese shopping chain “Zippy” decided to change the name to “Ziddy” for affected markets: viz. the “Ramadan princesses” in the Facebook image link below, where you’ve got both names. In fact in the comments to the one below that, where they splash the new store in Iraq, a fan says:

Paula Villagrán:  Ziddy ????

Probably a little too delicate to explain…..

And, by the way, my two gossiping girlies in the big image really are Zippy models, promoting the SS 2015 sales campaign. And I’m sure they’re really discussing their favourite “My Little Pony”…..


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