My Little Dress Up: SS 2015












I think when a collection has twenty girls’ outfits, and three boys’, it’s time to admit your heart really isn’t in boys’ fashion….apart from the fact that the boys’ styles are tuxedo and bow-tie type abortions…. The brand is Amsterdam-based My Little Dress Up, and they specialise in “fancy clothing for special occasions”. My worry would be that they aren’t classically “pretty” enough for weddings and First Communions, yet a bit avant-garde for parties and birthdays etc. The influence is very particular:

“The collections retain a distinctly modern style, which is inspired by the inheritance of the late ’50s avant-garde and embodies the playful spirit of “dressing up”. For a perfect fit, ‘My Little Dress Up’ works closely with professional pattern makers and a high-end atelier to ensure the highest quality garments.” (My Little Dress [This is pasted directly from their site – but in interviews the two partners in the label, Sarah and Laura, talk about late ’60s fashion: which seems more likely to me.]

….and again the concepts of “dress up” and “perfect fit” seem to be at odds. You just hope there are enough girls between two and ten who appreciate the styling that’s gone into these rather wonderful pieces….(the girls’ that is….)

(The Facebook link below is just because I appreciate every nipple that slips past Zuckerberg’s  body-obsessed algorithms ….why it’s on a children’s clothing account I have no idea….except they are Dutch…..)


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