Kim Anderson (Bertram Bahner)


The over-sentimentalised commercial images by “Kim Anderson” aren’t really to my taste – and I don’t think you’ll find me reposting shots of kids in over-sized clothes pretending to kiss. This, however, is a pretty straight-forward portrait of a girl writing or drawing, and the hand-tinting he’s noted for gives an added imaginative touch. Here’s a quick bio:

“Kim Anderson was born in Germany in 1959. His real name is Bertram Bahner. Bahner was a successful European photographer long before the Kim Anderson series. He started his career in Germany at the age of 22 and focused on fashion, people, and photography for advertisement agencies. He also would take photographs of his daughter Nicola and son Manuel playing with their friends; doing so he discovered the universal feelings of tenderness and innocence of childhood. He is now known for his simple black and white photography and hand coloring.”(Art in Love)

I don’t know if this is his daughter Nicola, so I won’t give it that caption – but just one point: it’s interesting how you can dress kids up like adults and everyone says “How cute!”, but put Thylane in an adult-style outfit and they want to have her parents locked up…..

Yes, I realise the difference is context, mood, type of pose, details of outfit etc. – but these subtleties never get discussed and evaluated. Oh for a Barthes-type semiologist to tease it all out…

OK, one more – and it looks like the same model: I’d put money on Nicola….:




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