Zara Home Kids SS 15: Summer Dreams









The Facebook link is from “Zara Home”, not “Zara Kids”,  and the only comment to the group of images refers to one of the blankets, so I guess that the models are there as much to sell bedwear as sleepwear. As usual, there’s no photographer credited – but Zara has always had extremely appealing, well-shot models: their in-house photographers are some of the best. Here’s a Spanish blog’s take on the set:

“One issue that we neglect a little bit when buying clothes for the season is sleepwear. It is true that sleep does not take much more than some cute clothing and does not cost too much, just do we have to go to department stores and have everything at incredible prices, but we really like ?? …. because I don’t believe that too much.

Zara Home offers an elegant collection of pajamas, so that our kids look gorgeous, even during their sweet dreams and at a more than reasonable price.” (Chuchuwa Kids Blog)

The second, third and fourth photos are my favourites: kids just cannot fake sleep!

(Tho’ the first image is also rather sweet: a great look of love on the older girl’s face as she listens to her little friend….also in the image link below…)


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