Girl, Portrait: by Greyerbaby (Free Stock Image via


“Greyerbaby” is Lisa Runnels, a 54-year-old American photographer from Magee in Mississippi, who puts her images on sites like Pixabay and Morguefile for Public Domain (even unattributed) download. She seems to have put a toe in the muddy Flickr waters, but in four years has only posted fifteen landscapes. Her galleries contain everything – people, animals, plants, buildings, b&w and colour, New Orleans, bayous, adults, children (this model a few times), birds, flowers: you name it… I think she’d be the first to admit the results are a bit hit-and-miss – ten nondescript bits of stuff, then a keeper…but with such generosity you can’t complain…



…..while on Pinterest she has some of her own work interspersed with a lot of pregnant mums-to-be – I get the feeling her favourite genre is this (the source given is a blog):



2 thoughts on “Girl, Portrait: by Greyerbaby (Free Stock Image via

  1. Hi Tom – sorry not to have replied sooner. Thanks for the praise: sites and blogs concentrating on portraits of girls have a responsibility to place the material in context – these are real people with families, ambitions and talents, as well as possible cuteness/prettiness/beauty from the viewer’s perspective. Anyway – I agree with you: let’s hope we both have good sense!!

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