Alessandra by Leonid Litvac (via and












This little gallery is a good place for two confrontations: first a Russian artistic/photographic aesthetic in an Italian context, and secondly Flickr vs. Facebook.

Leonid Litvac (whom you can’t tell me isn’t of Russian/Slavic origin) lives and works in Venice – and his (adult) models all have thoroughly Italian names like Giulia and Laura. But it’s with Alessandra, his child model, that the Russian influence shines through: particularly the framing of the model’s head with flowers and flowering branches. He also has a strong liking for rather old-fashioned head and head-shoulder portraits, with some beautiful models (typically older teen/young woman, rather than mature woman – and all beauty, no erotic/semi-erotic).

It’s possible to compare Flickr and Facebook – and 500px, come to that – since he has a solid block of images that he pretty well repeats on the different platforms. Flickr is a dead duck: its old-fashioned format leaving a few “faves”, no comments, and no interaction between viewer and poster: the opposite of Facebook. 500px is obviously a different experience: the same images, but with an easy gallery-view format and the emphasis being on the beautiful presentation of the images and possible purchases. I like his “About” description:

“Started photography a few years ago, this is not main activity but it sure makes my life better!”

……and it definitely brings him into contact with some beautiful (adult) models…

Angel eyes


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