Untitled by Shelly Mosman and Ooh What a Feeling by Phronemophobiaa on DeviantArt.com


This is one deviation that I really don’t know if I approve of…the original image above is by the great Shelly Mosman, who (on Facebook) says of her portrait:

“What I like about this image is the fine line between obvious love and gentleness of a hug and the subtile (sic) eyes that communicate something completely different…” Shelly Mosman, Facebook.com)

The deviation is by Phronemophobiaa (Polish artist Marlena Czajkowska) – but what gets me is the dissmissive attitude towards the original photo: without which her drawing could not exist. There’s no attribution, and she casually says in reply to a comment:

“I had two inspirations – visual and audio. First was a photo, second was that track (gives link to a YouTube video of a garage/thrash track by a band called Brainbombs –  called “Ooh What a Feeling”, the title she also gives to her deviation).” (Phronemophobiaa on DeviantArt.com)

“Inspiration” seems rather an understatement for what is basically just a reworking in another medium, with a few additions like the duck’s tear, the crescent moon, the shorts turned into panties and the reversed masonic Eye of Providence. A link to the source would seem to be in order, even just for politeness’ sake…..


Shelly Mosman herself deserves a post separate from this particular pairing: she uses child models a lot in her extremely dense (visually and symbolically) photographic series – making her one of the most easily-identifiable photographers there is. Here are a couple of tasters:




[Talking about, or at least seeing, a girl and a duck made me think of this: a five-year-old who is convinced (to the same extent as the duck) that she’s a duck’s mummy:]


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