Rounded Corners: Alethia Rains (via Flickr)


This is just an image to encourage you to click on the previous post, since as it’s a “share” not a reblog, you only get a teaser for the post itself. It’s a really simple, yet essential look at using colour in its most basic way in portrait photography – and the artist being Alethia Rains, the model is her self-confessed muse: her daughter, so the examples are charming in themselves.

I reblogged from Alethia in the past, when she had a WordPress blog, but being seemingly a restless soul (she belongs to heaps of photography sites that she does just one post for), she’s knocked that on the head and created the one I’ve linked to, on Blogspot. Luckily she’s still a believer in Flickr, and I’ll give an image link below. Here’s a close up from the image above that she uses in the post to talk about monochromatic effects:




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