Twin Tail Shoots Infantilising Photographer: by Kan Furuya


….I’m rather having my cake and eating it by posting a “twin tail” image and then criticising the photographer for the infantilism of the concept. The first thing to make clear is that the model’s an adult, and she’s part of the sterling Japanese tradition of older models stealing legitimate subculture styles from their younger sisters – even tho’ it has to be said that twin tails are prevalent even on Japanese university campuses….

There’s an association, and rules:

1. There are two bunches of hair, bilaterally symmetrical and hanging down.

2. The length of the bunches (the tips of the hair) hang down below the shoulders.

3. The place where the hair is tied should be above the ears.

….tho’ in manga and anime the bunches (as I would also call them) hang down pretty well to the ground…  There’s even an official “Twin Tail Day” on Feb 2nd, recognised by the Japanese Anniversary Association.

The photographer is Kan Furuya: he’s scarily prolific – making you wonder if he isn’t in fact a syndicate – he’s also a fashion designer, but modestly has a Tumblr blog with a total of just eleven images:

….and a rather disappointing Facebook photostream. This is from TwinTail Project Japan, the association I mentioned, for whom he almost seems to be official photographer:


….tho since it isn’t very twin tail-y, I’ll finish with one that is perfect for the concept, even if it isn’t actually by him:



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