Blind Man’s Buff: Walter Blum (1957)


I’ve posted on Walter Blum before, here, so I’ll skip his bio (tho’ well worth reading). This image, with its charming ’50s outfits and interior décor, is of children dancing round a blindfolded girl: originally called “Blind Man’s Buff” – a “buff” meaning a small push – but corrupted over the years into “Blind Man’s Bluff“. Walter’s caption on the Spaarnestad Photo Archive site emphasises the fact that it’s a dance (kinderen dansen): there would have been music, with the children stopping as the music stopped – the blindfolded girl then trying to guess which child is the one in front of her by gentle frisking. Usually it’s with a much bigger group: with only five to choose from (and one being a boy) it must have been rather easy….


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