Raya Shay and Lilly Kruk: Porcelain Dolls by Alex Kruk














…apparently Lilly’s mother, photographer Alex Kruk (think of Cher in her “Indian” period), did everything for this shoot: also the styling, hair and make-up. My only quibble is that for dresses as pretty and floaty as these (by Mischka Aoki), bare feet would have been perfect – except the white fishnet stockings are lovely as well…. The original concept seems to have been to pose the girls really like dolls: viz. the one where Lilly’s poking her cheek with a finger, and another where she’s sitting with her head uncomfortably to one side: but as with a lot of photoshoots, the concept quickly got forgotten, and most of them are just two pretty models posing in dresses most girls their age would die for…

Interesting details come via the comments on Facebook (image-link below): for the penultimate image there’s a “Love this!  And what (an) amazing dress!” from one of my previous post-stars: Olesja Mueller-Astrauskas – a very accomplished photographer of girls in her own right – and another one demonstrates why photographers like Alex go to such great lengths to produce masterpieces like these (for no obvious financial gain). It’s from an admirer, and the dialogue goes like this:

“Mary Heu-Wangler: Love, love your work, you are such a great inspiration! I will definitely call you up when it’s time for new headshots for my kiddies, and if you ever come to San Diego let us know.

Alex Kruk: I’m planning on shooting in Carlsbad on the 23rd of Nov. if you are interested.

Mary Heu-Wangler: Please send me info…etc….” (Facebook.com)

….and that’s where the real income comes from.

Another commenter, Tamra Moretti Wilson, says about the shot of Raya looking in the mirror:

“LOVE this one, my favorite!!! This will go in her room!!!”

….so she’s clearly Raya’s mother or step-mother. All in all,  although the amount of time spent doing the girls’ hair, let alone dressing, making-up and general set/photography preparation, must have been enormous – it was a successful shoot from a number of perspectives: and who knows, maybe even Mischka Aoki paid a little for the brand name promotion…the dress apparently is called “The White Queen” (a mere €569 – 931 : even more for made-to-measure).

And here’s one of the set from Alex’ Facebook feed:


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