Dorothy Lawrence: Johnathon Denney for Exclusive Image


This image is a bit of a mystery: I found it on a repost site and back-tracked it to “Exclusive Image” (the site obviously hadn’t understood what “exclusive” means) – and there it is, as part of a set featuring young ballerina Dorothy Lawrence, whom the photographer (it seems to be a husband-wife set-up) describes thus:

“Dorothy is a beautiful dancer, a sweet, tiny little thing”, but somehow also with a “tall and super-lean figure”.

….anyway, the set is composed of thumbprints that don’t enlarge, and the corresponding Facebook album doesn’t have this image. Added the fact that they seem to be trying to make her up like Celine Dion (Dorothy is apparently obsessed with make-up – never a good sign…..), and her actual age is hard to quantify. This is from a different set on Facebook:


….where thankfully the eye make-up has been kept to a minimum.

The original set is entitled “Little Girl Fashion Photography” – and while she isn’t what I would call a little girl, she still has what are usually the classic signifiers of a child’s face: big eyes, full rosebud lips and a rounded “snub” nose with small  nostrils: all the features being relatively large for her small face with its rounded cheeks. Here’s a Facebook link: in their “Albums” section Dorothy has two sessions:

[And having posted this, I obviously found where they kept the full format images from the session on the site – the first two are by Johnathon, and the last by Heidi Denney, presumably his wife:]





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