Frieda: Molo and Scandinavian Design


Another pretty portrait having its origin in fashion: Danish brand Molo. The company stresses its Scandinavian design approach: a big emphasis on prints and shapes (in this example the top is Rimona – Crayon Flowers, with a pretty print, a slightly fitted shape and puff sleeves, and the skirt is Belinda – Watermelon, and is designed to look like a poppy – but can be either puffed up or smoothed down), and for once even the catalogue entry gives the model’s name: Frieda. Another rather charming detail is that all their models are snapped standing on the big X: more of a visual kiss than a real necessity…

Facially she reminds me irresistibly of this little model from about a month ago:


Molo also do swimwear:



….and cleverly, the second costume is actually a one-piece: but you’d have to keep your sprog out of the sun to maintain the two-piece illusion …she, however, could use her hair-do as a parasol…..


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