Emma (10) by Stephanie Sunderland





If you do any image-surfing you’ll have come across at least one of these images: I know I have – and been startled at the variety of contexts they appear in. Obviously, there’s “child”, but then also “adult erotic”, “jail-bait” – but also “cute and pretty”(i.e. Japanese l*lita with a small “l”) and generic “beautiful females”. I almost did a click-bait title: “You Won’t Believe This Girl’s Age…!!!”, but then in the end put the spoiler in the title itself.

Yes, when they were taken in May 2014, Emma was just ten years old. It’s not exactly jaw-droppingly surprising – here’s a twelve-year-old:


….Meika Woollard, who in real life (well, the impression I’ve got of her “real life”) is about as vamp-ish as Tinky-Winky…..but they keep making her ever more dark and dramatic – a different agent’s take on her, here.

It’s the details as much as Emma’s physical appearance that do it: grown-up outfits that are still suitable for a girl, mascara on already-long eyelashes, a sophisticated-but-casual hairstyle  – and the final obfusticating element being perfectly plucked and groomed eyebrows that no ten-year-old has naturally.

Here’s the rest of the set:








….she’d be a knock-out as a child fashion model – a face that takes make-up so well is hard to come by, I’m sure, and she seems to have the height and general body-shape that are also in demand. The photographer, Stephanie Sunderland, a Utah native (now married and living in NYC), says this, with feeling:

“If I could photograph ten year olds for the rest of my life, I would. There’s something so beautiful about this age.” (Stephanie Sunderland.com)

The MUH, Cali Stott  (the eyebrow artist), lives in North Carolina: so whether this was shot there, Utah, NYC, or somewhere else entirely, is anyone’s guess…but given the flowers, type of house etc., I’d put my money on North Carolina. Stephanie is a standard wedding/pregnancy/new-born photographer, but when she photographs girls she somehow manages to bring out the best:







….the pity is that she probably knows it herself: but also recognises that pursuing it would probably be financial harakiri. However, she’s still young:


….so maybe when she and her husband have achieved some financial stability she can devote more time to what is clearly a real gift…..I’d certainly post them….


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