Julia Strukova (via Photosight.ru)


Another semi-mystery. I’m afraid. At first I’d filed it with images belonging to a different photographer, following a mis-attribution on a repost site, but eventually tracked it down to Julia Strukova, in her Photosight.ru gallery. There isn’t really a mystery, except that I can’t find trace of her elsewhere except for a couple of images on Photoforum.ru. – registering in 2006, and not visiting since 2009.

The Photosight galleries aren’t much better: five pages, with this dating from 2008, and the last one from 2009 – so basically seven years with no visible web activity. And it’s….well….lovely: delicate, with a sweet pose, and carefully polished and tweaked (particularly for 2008) to give it a beautiful painterly effect.

There are only a couple of other portraits of a girl on her pages – probably the same little model, judging by the rather sad expression and puppy-fat cheeks:



Julia herself comes from (Y)evpatoria, a Crimean Black Sea spa/beach resort in a part of the Ukraine currently under Russian control – but whatever ethnic group she belongs to, the last few years must have been difficult. Anyway, I might try emailing her…I’d love to know if she has any more images from these sessions. Here’s a self portrait from Photoforum:



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