Pull and Bear: GIF or JPEG? (Featuring Harper Beckham)

Pull and Bear: GIF or JPEG? (Featuring Harper Beckham)


….admitting I’m a non-techie, even I noticed that the file extension to this is a JPEG, not the GIF I’d expected. If it means that it’s a reasonable size, I’m definitely not complaining. I did a little research, and apparently it’s still probably a GIF – the ending to the URL doesn’t matter because the browser interprets the MIME (or media) type (whatever that is…). Here she is standing still:


Brooklyn Beckham is the face of Pull & Bear for trendy young adults/older teens – maybe they could get Harper to represent the kids’ brand. She doesn’t look any younger than the model in these shots…:


The brand isn’t one of those classic started-by-frustrated-mother stories, or even family -company-in-small-town stories: mundanely it was started as part of a market-segmentation strategy initiated by the Inditex Group. Not very sexy. In fact it’s demonstrated by the outfits themselves – the plan is to wait for more enterprising brands to establish a trend, then for Pull & Bear to sell it in a cheaper form: mainly cotton garments like tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans:





 ….you can really see the lack of passion in the designs – coming to a supermarket near you….

On second thoughts, Harper: you wait for Gucci to give you a call…


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