Angelina G(aliano) Porcelli

Angelina G(aliano) Porcelli

I was quite prepared not to like thirteen-year-old New Yorker Angelina – not that she’d be worried, I’m sure – thinking that she was the typical substitute figure for a mother whose modelling ambitions were barely fulfilled. She also isn’t naturally photogenic: normally pretty, but needing her long blonde waves to really make an impression – this is her before the perm:


Good full lips, big round eyes and well-shaped eyebrows, but rather a large nose – not a girl who would stand out particularly in a school year-book. However, I’ve got nothing against ambitious girls who make the best use of their physical assets, and put up with their slight flaws (if this sounds horribly meat-market-ish, I’m sorry – but that’s how modelling is). I’ve often given Ivy Basinger as an example of a successful model who is stunning as a whole, despite variable separate parts.

Angelina’s Instagram feed gives you the idea of a girl who may be being pushed (every other tag refers to “international super model” – she has done about six covers, but not in the KPim class – still, Instagram tags aren’t known for subtlety).  To give her credit she has her own definite values and ideas: she’s a proselytising vegan (even going as far as having a Pinterest board full of dictates from the Jain religion), and clearly has a lot of friends (from the modelling world mostly: but that’s where she spends a lot of her time). She’s very keen on her family, and seems to appreciate her Italian roots (tho’ I’m not sure how she squares the fact they’re all Catholics with the Jain philosophy…). Her portfolio is patchy, but she shows acumen when declaring her favourite photographer to be Cleo Sullivan (see Facebook link below), who has produced the best sets featuring her (out of the fifty-or-so photographers she’s worked with):



Yup – that’s the same photographer (tho’ the heavy hand of stylist Michel Onofrio probably has a lot to do with the atmosphere in the first one – imagine how Tiffany Beveridge from a previous post would caption it)….and I must say that she has a couple of posts featuring her hugging Cleo – so the appreciation seems to be personal as much as professional.

Here are some of Angelina’s high points:

























…..having left my favourite till last – a really lovely portrait where all her disparate features come beautifully together. If nothing else, the images demonstrate the wide variety of styles and approaches available to models working in New York: West Coast sessions tend to be far more influenced by the light, climate and casual lifestyles – New York stylists are generally more imaginative, going from Disney princesses to baroque in an instant.

Here’s a jumble of Instagram shots (both professional and personal), incidentally attesting to how often she’s done sessions for Bonnie Young and Mischka Aoki:

As I mentioned, she’s extremely sociable, and a standout feature of her Instagram feed is the number of times she’s snapped with friends (in particular the little nine-year-old: Ava Kolker from Disney’s Girl Meets World): obviously for models and actresses there’s usually someone on hand to take the photograph – and having good relationships with the other girls in the business has probably been impressed on her – but to me they look reasonably authentic:

You’re naturally a little suspicious of marginally successful ex-model mothers who seem to have encouraged their daughters to enter the profession: logically an architect mother (or father) could reasonably be expected to aspire to an architect daughter (or son) – but they don’t (normally) begin working at age six or seven. Angelina was enrolled in ballet school at six, and was talent-spotted the following year while taking acting classes at The Performing Option in NYC, signing to Generation Model Management (see Facebook link below: a lot of Zuzanna and Hope Springer, not much Angelina) and immediately starting work: a shoot for MilK Magazine. Her mother’s name is Sunday Galiano Porcelli, and most photos of her from previous incarnations show her draped over rock stars like Keith Richards and Robert Plant, eventually marrying (and subsequently divorcing) Leon Drucker (Lee Rocker) – the influential (and very talented) upright bassist for the Stray Cats:

With Lee Rocker – engagement pose, I think. Those were very formal days….
With Bebe Buell: Bebe had flings with (among others) Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Page and famously the father of her daughter, Liv: Steven Tyler. She rejects the epithet of “groupie”….

…..but it does give me the chance to post a favourite shot of three-year-old Liv Tyler in 1980, as Bebe has a Michael Jackson moment (its file name is Bebe Buell, Style Icon…at least she dressed Liv in a pretty ruched swimsuit – very popular at the moment):


My only gripe with Sunday is her rather rabid alt-right Facebook profile: down to posting supposed images of Obama’s mother semi-nude, and suggesting that what his mother did (or didn’t do) before Obama was born are relevant to the current Presidential race. Her politics are her business – but that is just unpleasant. And I’d feel the same about pictures of Melania Trump semi-nude as well: posing half-naked usually says more about your financial status at the time than ethics, morality, “family values” or other egregious, hypocritical piffle. Ironically, as she’s aged she’s maintained a strong visual similarity to Cher (whose career could well have followed a similar path if she hadn’t met Sonny when she was relatively young): but their politics could hardly be more different… Angelina’s father also seems to have Rock ‘n’ Roll cred, as she watched the latest Guns ‘n’ Roses concert from backstage as a guest of Duff McKagan, one of his friends. Now I’m jealous….


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