Charlotte Anderson by Brandy Anderson (via Fresh Sugar Blog)

Charlotte Anderson by Brandy Anderson (via Fresh Sugar Blog)


Well, this the second Charlotte in a row – but this one’s just five years old: the daughter of Brandy Anderson, a children’s photographer from Calgary. This is a real pain to track down, because as far as little girls’ hairstyles go, this went viral. At least within the confines of the boards of Pinterest mothers and mothers-to-be: which translates into about twenty Google image-search pages….

May 15th 2012


This afternoon Charlotte came to me and asked if I would put some makeup on her to play dress up.

After I was finished, she agreed to let me take some quick pictures of her new haircut. Makeup on kids is not something I normally go for, but it’s fun to play around with Char.

She’s a natural poser, every head tilt, shoulder drop and side look are all hers. I didn’t tell her to do a thing.

She’s a joy to shoot, even if her photos end up making her look more like fifteen than five.

It’s fun to play around and try new things and get a bit weird sometimes.” (Brandy Anderson, Fresh Sugar

Here’s the rest of the session:






…..I think what got the mommy-pinners in such a tiz was the fact that it was a pixie-cut that was so pretty and stylish, even their daughters liked it – without feeling as if their mothers were trying to turn them into mini-Audrey Hepburns… However, it’s a lot more face-sensitive than most styles: Charlotte has those big eyes (even without mascara!) and a petite body with a relatively large head, just like, um…….Audrey Hepburn….


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