Charlotte Tatlow in White Rabbit: by Grace Alicia (Tatlow) on


…it’s the usual “throw in some cards, miniature furniture and something resembling a white rabbit” approach to the Alice icon: but in fact there’s more to it than that. The image forms part of an academic project by Blackburn resident Grace Alicia Tatlow on DeviantArt:

“Creative portraits that relate to memories created by certain pieces of music or songs…

Name: Julie

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Around the time when this was out I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. The walls felt as though they were closing in on me, and when it passed, I always thought of Alice in Wonderland, growing too big for the house….” (Grace Alicia on

The song was originally written by Grace Slick for her previous band, The Great Society, but has always been associated with Jefferson Airplane since it appeared on their 1967 LP Surrealistic Pillow. If Julie was having panic attacks in 1967, even if she was only ten at that time, she’d be fifty-nine by now.

Grace Alicia proudly points out that she made the room herself, and I get the feeling it was all done in the camera. The model is credited as Charlotte Tatlow – obviously a relation – possibly a sister, as Grace Alicia herself looks quite young: and she makes a pretty Alice, especially with the layered dress and its lace trimmings.  Anything that gets Alice away from cosplay, soft-core p*rn and thirty-five-year-olds trying to look seven must be an improvement…..


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