Pola and Ninel Skrzypcyk by Apasz on Flickr.com: Tops and Knees

Pola and Ninel Skrzypcyk by Apasz on Flickr.com: Tops and Knees






This first set is of Pola – Apasz’ eldest daughter, and I must confess I know little about him. As far as I’ve understood, they’re a Polish family called Skyrzypcyk – resettled in Berlin: Apasz, his wife Patka, and the three daughters Pola, Ninel and Milla – and they’ve recently started a new enterprise: designing and selling (and acting as catalogue models for) their own fashion collection: all made in Berlin (the featured image above the title is from the website : Freesisters).

I sometimes come across Apasz’ latest Flickr post featuring one of the girls, and think that I really must do something on them: then I look at the literally hundreds of outstandingly beautiful images he’s produced – and my head reels. This then is a start: reducing it to a common shared feature – first the two sessions with a flowery/print top that Pola is wearing (tho’ possibly not the same in both sessions) – and then following up with all the ones that are as knee-tastic as the second image from the group above.

Apasz was never afraid of nude and bath-time shots if he liked the composition and the activity he was shooting – but now the girls are older obviously it’s not something he currently does – and I’m not including any: even tho’ a couple have become classics. His back catalogue is easy to dip into : he’s on Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram, and uses Facebook as his main site (image links below for all platforms).

Here are the knees:













….a couple indicating how passionate Apasz is about using film – but apart from my rather random “knee” collocation of the images, they all serve to show how arresting both girls’ faces are: strong, characterful and full of emotion: and at the same time beautiful and classic. Here are their mother and father – also both with an arresting presence:



……Apasz carrying Milla when she was still a baby. And he’s one guy I think merits being known by just a single name….


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