But I Wanted…..  No Sin Valentina

But I Wanted….. No Sin Valentina


………well, I  wanted the one on the right – I’ve got the legs for it – but the image is part of a four picture illustrative promotion for the dress on the left (massively reduced from €82 to €20).  Here are the others:




…and to be honest I’m not as toothy as her….  Anyway, they’re a good example of the obsession the brand – No Sin Valentina (Not Without Valentina) – has for bare feet, or at the most flat ballerinas:




I know some clothing brands leave the models either barefooted or with their feet cropped, to avoid having to credit the relevant shoe company: NSV seem to have one old pair of ballerinas they pass around to all the girls….. By the way, the featured image above the title and the last image here are the first times I’ve seen their shots in a b&w variation: since they mainly do outfits in blues and whites it’s a pleasant change. I’ve learned not to do a big post featuring their promotional shots since it’s virtually impossible to select a “best of”: they have the prettiest models imaginable, all pictured happily enjoying each other’s company – in the most delicious layered, flounced, feminine dresses you can think of. There’s tremendous repetition, but choosing a representative sample is exhausting….

You can’t imagine anything more different from American and British “street style” in terms of clothing for girls: it’s very Spanish, and about as far from unisex outfits as you can get. Here in Italy I live in a small town with an attractive centro storico, where you can still see little girls dressed as little girls – in flouncy, layered short skirts and dresses playing in the squares at the weekend – but it’s a leftover whose days are waning fast…

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