Eleanor and Alma: Sisters and Daughters 2 (by Kathrine Houe for Little Kin Journal)

Eleanor and Alma: Sisters and Daughters 2 (by Kathrine Houe for Little Kin Journal)







……this post started out as a fun comparison between the “raccoon socks” I did a quick piece about recently here – this is one of the images:


……and the ones in the set above featuring English/Danish sisters Eleanor and Alma: theirs apparently being “fox socks”, as sold here. No big deal: Australians think they’re raccoons, the British think they’re foxes.

The research, however, led me to the lovely blog “Little Kin Journal” (with associated Instagram account) belonging to Eleanor and Alma’s Danish mother, Kathrine: basically the story of a family moving from Copenhagen to Brooklyn in New York City. Kathrine is thirty-five, with an extensive past in fashion publishing – and you can see this in the extremely professional photography and blog design, organisation and texts. She has two main themes – the first just the day-to-day experience of bringing up two children; and then in particular her take on transposing your family to a new environment. It’s not exactly a harrowing immigration story: they visited NYC to see if they’d like it first,  and even told Eleanor that if she didn’t like it after two months they’d return home. They spend a couple of months a year back in Denmark (where they even have a summer home), and all-in-all their domestic decor and lifestyle do start to resemble an IKEA advertisement for Scandinavian cool in an uptight urban setting (and the blog and Instagram feed in fact contain some product promotion). Kathrine’s husband is himself a photographer: Londoner Sacha Maric – but his artistic take on the girls is so different from hers (a lot of raised middle fingers, for example!) that I’ll leave his images to another time.

Having enviable lives is not exactly Kathrine or her husband’s fault – they’re lucky to have the choices they have, but at the same time the family harmony and love they’ve built up is all down to their hard work and care. The blog is also very well curated: excellent advice for people contemplating a move, particularly to the States, and lots of useful information about enjoying the parks, museums etc. (with a buggy/stroller- bound toddler in tow) in New York City. The profusion of shots of the girls together made me think of bracketing the post with the previous one featuring sisters Nanou and Fee – Eleanor was five when they moved, and Alma two: now they’re seven and four, but the Belgian girls are a little older, and also a little closer in age. Another pair of sisters they bring to mind are Chantal and Leóna by Elena Sigtryggsson – and there Chantal is even older, and the age gap even more marked: but the sisterly love just as clear. The shots in Kathrine’s blog (and on Instagram), however, are equally as cute:

















….and this should give you an idea of Kathrine’s recent news for her faithful following:


…..yup, another sprog is on the way – that should receive automatic American citizenship if they stay for the birth: but logically a lot of mothers-to-be want to be with their wider families in their native countries at this time: and about the only criticism I’ve read on her blog concerning the States is not always understanding how the health care system works.

As I said, I’ll come back with a post featuring Sacha’s portraits – and probably including Kathrine’s that picture the girls individually – and hopefully with an update on the pregnancy….


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