Angel and Fallen Angel by Olivestar on



Olivestar is one facet of a rather split personality: on DeviantArt she only has five images – four being angels – and uses the fifth as her avatar. She doesn’t give any information besides the facts of her name, and that she’s American – and so far hasn’t answered any of the dozens of comments, questions and encouragements her little gallery has received in the nine years she’s been a member. Meanwhile, on her dedicated site and Instagram, her alter ego Marta Locklear is revealed as an extremely proficient professional photographer, based in Spotsylvania, Virginia. She gives you the link to go from her DeviantArt persona, but not the other way – leaving you feeling it was probably the aborted start of a freer, more arty side to her photographic endeavours.

These angels don’t take the trope much further than other artists have done: and now fleecy wings are two-a-penny on Etsy etc., it’s never been easier to dress your model in a simple white (Grecian-style) dress and do some moody shots out in the woods. These are a little more than that: the posing, composition and focusing give the two shots an emotional weight (and they were probably propped before every mother wanted a picture of her new-born wearing wings) – but clearly she was either expecting more, or just lost interest.

She’s a classic pregnancy/maternity/family photographer, lucky to have the lush countryside of Virginia to do her outdoor shots in – and also does a lot of stock images for (nearly two thousand at the time of writing) covering a good variety of topics. She has a really lovely Instagram feed (see below), concentrating on which would honestly give a very different picture of her life and photographic abilities – and a hint that the girl in the pictures is probably a much younger version of her eldest child, daughter Bean (who in fact seems to have the same first name as Marta in reality) – that’s the present-day seventeen-year-old version in the Instagram picture link, who would have been eight at the time the “angels” were shot.

Here are some of Olivestar/Marta’s stock images:



Purchase this image at


Purchase this image at



…..and finally mother and daughter together:


Bean is a YouTuber (see below), and a member of the International Thespian Society: if a part requires never-ending legs, she’s sure got ’em…..


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