Ruby for Nina Lubarda / Future Faces Model Management.

Ruby for Nina Lubarda / Future Faces Model Management.

The difference between Nina Lubarda NYC and Future Faces Model Management seems to be that the latter concentrates on younger models – but very often the two names are linked together in one rather confusing lump. They seem to do a lot of casting for new talent – which sets off alarm bells – while they also claim to keep a small roster consisting of quality, not quantity. Just googling “Nina Lubarda scam” brings you to an unsettling number of disgruntled former clients, particularly here. Logically there are some supporters, but you never quite know their motives (or provenance). It’s a sector that clearly throws up a lot of controversy: if your modelling daughter fades out after a sparkling start, the tendency is to blame the agency: but here the complaints are more concrete – like failing/refusing to say what the rate was the original client paid for a session, and asking for money up front for new portfolios, acting lessons etc.

I’m in no position to investigate the claims (or counter-claims) – but I will endorse the unprofessional sense you get when you realise the site/blog stuff is written in poor English: and a number of ex-clients complain about her unintelligibility. You don’t have to be a native-speaker to run a good, successful business in America, Britain, or wherever – but written material that is defective gives it a whiff of the email scams of “Michelle Obama” soliciting your address etc. in broken English……

Ruby is (or possibly was, given the apparent turn-over) one of her models:



……and the YouTube clip below first shows a few shots of her, then a rather gratingly smarmy interview with her and her mother, Vicky:


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