Milana / Mylana Shkvaruk: From Sweet to Sour….

Milana / Mylana Shkvaruk: From Sweet to Sour….


……she’s still just seven, but she’s already gone from “Hello Kitty” modelling at about three, to moody, seven-going-on-nineteen femme-fatale portraiture. And in those four years, whoever’s behind her (ok, it’s her mother) has tried pretty well every known trick to get Ukrainian model Milana Shkvaruk noticed and well, probably….famous…ish.


….as you might remember I was a little snide about Kristin Leible’s twelve-year-old Kardashian channeling: Milana’s mum seems to be trying the same route:












…….and all the time, she could have been producing pretty, effective (and perfectly feminine) work like this:


….I’m sure her mother thinks this is worthless, since you can’t see Milana’s face, “sexy” mane of hair, or pouty lips: but there really is no simple route to stardom if you aren’t producing what the market wants – and in this she’s selling that dress really well.

Here are some reasonable shots – but nothing really demonstrating that we aren’t seeing a normally attractive model, with no obvious flair:















….and the main route to her fifteen minutes fame-wise has been beauty contests…..well, beauty contests set up by Armenian Ashot Khachatryan (that you’ve probably never heard of): “Little Princess of the World 2014”, “Miss Talent 2014”, “Best of the Best 2014”, “Little Miss Universe 2015” and “Mini Miss World 2016” – have a look at his caption to the following Facebook entry:

Here’s an example of one of his “famous video clips”:

……you get the impression that it’s like vanity publishing: pay him enough and a grandiose title will be yours for the having…. Obviously unconnected to that, here’s Milana’s mother:


…..who is pretty definitely an ex-model herself, and does some posing on her Instagram account – décolletage always to the fore –  I’ll spare you that for one of Milana: the account is tagged to #yulenkamilana, so presumably it’s a shared account, and her mother is called Yulenka:


A post shared by Юлия и Милана (@yulenkamilana) on

I really have no problem with girl models embodying the fact that their beauty isn’t just “cute”, and that any form of physical attractiveness necessarily has a sexual element, however unimportant and unrelated to the image they’re projecting it might be. Kristina Pimenova’s mother, Glikeriya Shirokova – also a former model and botox victim – has aggressively defended KPim and herself against “sexualisation” criticism: and I think fairly. Kristina has a good body, with long, well-formed legs: but she’s carefully entrusted her image to excellent, highly professional photographers. You can’t sell a pretty dress or skirt without showing how attractive the girl buying it will hope to look – the models tend to be tall, relatively slim, with good legs and forearms – just having a pretty face isn’t enough. KPim has never looked sleazy, never used come-hither glances, never posed in any way other than what was required to show off the outfit. This year she’s done some sessions with Vika Pobeda that are getting towards “glamour”, but again Kristina is dignified, in charge of the persona she’s projecting, and I’d be happy to show them to my thirteen-year-old son or eighty-year-old mother-in-law.

Milana doesn’t look tall enough (for her present age, logically), and while having a pleasant face, has elements that have to be obscured in portraits. Her legs are relatively short for her height, and her thighs (and knees) rather chubby. There are a number of shots that I’ve included where she she looks very good – but she isn’t the type of photogenic girl who looks pretty in every shot – unlike my example KPim. Trying to turn her into a seven-year-old Brigitte Bardot clone smacks of desperation – as do the pointless “Beauty Contest” titles. If they are desperate (and hopefully she is as well) to make her a star, it might be a better idea to focus on the singing – there’s a small example in the video at the bottom. In the meantime, she’ll probably carry on posing like this:




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