Rapunzel: Olivier Ribardière and Alena Nikiforova/Kunda (with Anastasia Bezrukova and Kristina Pimenova)


This is an image by art-fashion photographer Olivier Ribardière (whom I’ve already posted on here, featuring a very different approach). I’ve come across it a number of times, always with this orientation, tho’ in his original the girl faces to the right:


……and demonstrates that at some time somebody cropped the bottom step off – not guilty this time. The rather weird tiled staircase is typical of his artistic eye: as is the wonderful Rapunzel-length hair – this next one by him is a combination material repurpose/fashion piece:


…..tho’ what the white tassels were for originally, I can’t imagine….

Rapunzel can be found in Grimm (1812), and the German brothers took it from one of the various Western versions that go back to  Petrosinella of 1634, with apparently a similar Persian version going right back to the 10th century. Ok, so you millenials only know the strangely dark-browed blonde maiden from Tangled and Frozen…..

The first picture reminded me a little of images of two Russian super-minis: Anastasia Bezrukova and KPim, that have particularly glorified their long locks – and another chance to berate Google for splurging out literally hundreds of hits of exactly the same, anonymous repinned image, making any attempt to find the photographer of this nigh on impossible:


…..anyone coming on it by accident, and wanting to find out who even the model was, would have their work cut out: she’s cute; the very image of a zillion broody pinners’ future daughter (achieved by thought-transference, no doubt); her hair is just like next-door-neighbour’s little Mandy; this is how to get the same effect with your munchkin’s scraggy hair, etc., etc., but the name of the model? Photographer? You must be joking. Then, joy, they find a hit from a reputable-looking blog. There’s the photograph. Source? “Pinterest“. It’s managed to sidestep copyright, and even polite acknowledgement….

Anyway, I know I’ve said all this before – and strangely enough Google doesn’t seem to be paying me any attention – here’s the KPim Rapunzel-style single side-plait:


…with a nice big watermark showing the photographer, Alena Nikiforova (now using her married name of Alena Kunda – see the two Instagram entries below: both by her) – a photographer crying out for a dedicated post: she’s produced a slew of classics, and in the past was genuinely subversive in her treatment of even stars like KPim, particularly with expressions and wildly over-the-top skin effects:


….in some she looks positively in pain…but even at this age she had hair she could almost sit on: I’d vote for her to be Rapunzel in a live-action Disney remake…..have a look at the Pinterest pinner’s caption to the very final image link (from the same set by Alena Kunda):

🍒girls🍒 #anastasiabezrukova #kristinapimenova #beauty #amazing #celebrities by #alenakunda

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