Iconic Images II – Aiga Redmane for Aristocrat Kids: Majestic Summer (including Zoe by Stephanie Matthew)

Iconic Images II – Aiga Redmane for Aristocrat Kids: Majestic Summer (including Zoe by Stephanie Matthew)

It’s not often you get at least five classic genre images in one session (click here for some previous examples), but Aiga Redmane did it with this commission for Aristocrat Kids: Latvian photographer, brand, and location (beautifully restored Kukšu Manor, an hour west of Riga):






….and even more remarkably, the same model is in all the images. They’re perfect examples of matching the fashion to the ambience: look at the colours, the furniture, whether inside or outside – clearly the manor house was well chosen (stylist Santa Bindemane Pilena) given the presence of different types of furnishings and decorative styles in each room – and the organza-draped terrace outside.

And in my opinion, there’s another from the set that doesn’t get the same attention, but is just as memorable (and more than likely is the same little girl):


…hard to believe it’s the same session – but just as delicate and pretty as the rest. Here are some more from the fashion house – a few still from Kukšu Manor:













….and the very last set from this cornucopia, a pretty session with one of my favourite outfits – an Aristocrat Kids’ romper, this time modelled by photographer Stephanie Matthew’s daughter Zoe (see image link below: as she says, it’s in a rather unusual moody monochrome for her) – whom I’ll do a post on when I summon up the courage to publish a hundred images of girls wearing swimsuits – she’s based on the north shore of Oahu, and everything seems to happen on the beach:









Aristocrat Kids is a little unusual for not having a dedicated sales site: there is an Aristocratkids.com, but at the time of writing it ‘s still under construction. Desperate mothers ask frantically on their Instagram feed where they can buy the outfits – the reply usually being Shan and Toad – or they helpfully say where the nearest physical stockist is – they are very responsive. All the “Aristocrat”, “A Royal Tale” stuff is rightly passed off by customers for what it is: about as monarchist/aristocratic as a girl dressed as a Disney princess – tho’ the prices aren’t exactly plebean….

Gray days call for moody shoots in this amazing @aristocratkids romper

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A delightful Sunday to all! #aristocratkids #fairytale #princessalexandra

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