Ralph Lauren Romper by Franck Malthiery for Vogue Spain

Ralph Lauren Romper by Franck Malthiery for Vogue Spain


Thinking about the attractiveness of rompers after the previous post (featuring one modelled by Stephanie Matthew’s daughter Zoe), this version by French photographer Franck Malthiery came to mind. Rompers are like tutus, in that it’s hard to take an unflattering shot of a model in one – and pinners often wistfully regret that there isn’t an adult size for the rompers that they pin. In truth, they are very age-specific, and even Zoe looked too old to be going around wearing them, pretty tho’ her pictures were: the attraction is the flattering effect on girls’ legs, while at the same time being suitable for active situations without any related pantie-flashing.

You might wonder why the first mention of Franck Malthiery’s name wasn’t accompanied by a link: this is because he’s infuriatingly difficult to search: at the time of writing there’s a home site under construction,  a private Instagram account, and the best places to find some of his work is at Kate Ryan Inc., his New York-based agency, or Era Management, his London-based agency. I’ve come across his work when collating images of Julia Mayer in particular – but it generally means a time-consuming search of individual brands/magazines/sites where he’s contributed a set.

The Ralph Lauren romper comes from a Vogue Spain editorial for a “Mommy and Me” article: tho’ Franck’s strong artistic sense didn’t envisage a rigid set with a mother and daughter together in every shot. He’s from Paris, self-taught – having failed to gain entry to art school – and reminds me a lot of fellow Frenchman Olivier Ribardière from a couple of posts ago: not the Frenchness, but his strong artistic, creative approach to children’s fashion photography. I’m sure a lot of gems by him are hidden away on semi-obscure sites, but while I’m looking, here are some I’ve already found:
















……as you can see: difficult to pigeon-hole – often I’m surprised when I discover a shot is by him. And here he is – a good looking young guy who probably has some of the older girls going goo-goo-eyed when he’s snapping them…:



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