Mark Eliot Lovett (1956)

Such a realist technique fits perfectly well in a mainly photographic blog, and Lovett in fact uses photographic software to see how desaturating the colours in a picture can improve the balance, then adjusting the painting itself. His compositions can be a little chocolate-box at times, but his observation skills make each portrait individual, and not generic. He came to painting quite late, initially as therapy in alcoholism and drug-abuse rehab, but went as far as visiting Florence to see figurative painting at its best – all-in-all a fascinating artist…..


The Last Button The Last Button

Elise Elise

Cross My Heart Cross My Heart

Bella Bella

I Promise I Promise

I Wonder I Wonder

Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms

Madelyne In The Park Madelyne In The Park

Last Minute Touches Last Minute Touches

Pas-de-Deux Pas-de-Deux

Dress Rehearsal Dress Rehearsal

Little Ballerinas Dressing Little Ballerinas Dressing

Little Ballerinas Little Ballerinas

Little Ballerinas & Kitties Little Ballerinas & Kitties

Dreaming Of Toe Shoes Dreaming Of Toe Shoes

Spring In Fall Spring In Fall

Lady Bug Lady Bug

Flowers For Mother Flowers For Mother

A Mother's Gift A Mother’s Gift

In The Garden In The Garden

Little Red Little Red

Red Cap Girl Red Cap Girl

Mackenzie-Cooper Mackenzie-Cooper

Crimson Carriage Crimson Carriage

Pink Parasol Pink Parasol

Mckinley Mckinley

Brittany Brittany

Rebecca Rebecca

© Mark Lovett

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