Provincial….and Productive: Mentor Model Agency from Chesterfield

Provincial….and Productive: Mentor Model Agency from Chesterfield



Chesterfield is eleven miles south of Sheffield, UK, and has a population of about 100,000 – and it also has a model and talent agency, Mentor Model Agency. One of its undoubted provincialisms (using the word advisedly) is that two of its busiest models happen to be the proprietor’s daughters: this being the younger, ten-year-old Bella Webster.

Here are some more of her profile/working portraits:


















….this final one being with her sister, thirteen-year-old Harriet:


Although there are at least eighty girl models listed on the books, the only other appropriate (in the sense of attractive enough to be relevant) shots are one of eight-year-old Honey, the girl with Bella in the four shots before the one with her sister (and with more star-quality, to be honest), and another of five-year-old Darci (not forgetting Ella-Mae in the YouTube video at the bottom of the post):



….and here’s Harriet before she got the Morticia Addams look (and now she’s even got fixed braces, possible clients are forewarned):


I’m being a bit snidey, since I got most of my images from their mum (and agency owner) Josephine Webster’s personal Twitter feed – not the agency feed – and it clearly makes sense (in what must be a difficult, relatively small market) to use your own children, and avoid a whole host of overheads – not to mention logistical problems: see below for a shot of one of the other really pretty girls on their books, seven-year-old Willow, from an agency tweet. They make no pretense of Fimi shows or Miss Grant engagements – the models are more likely to appear in the pages of your local supermarket flyer (Willow for Tesco, for example) – but that is where the majority of modelling is done, even tho’ the girls in question undoubtedly see it as the first stepping-stone to eventual fame and fortune. Of ex-model Josephine’s two daughters, Harriet is clearly the one with the most potential, tho’ you have to admit that neither looks particularly enthused with the whole process in the majority of their shots…..

Overall I think that Josephine is making a good job of managing an agency away from the big city lights (and clients): her social media feeds are full of recent shoots featuring her kids in real work situations – not the 90% promotion and 10% work that seems to be true of so many wannabe model feeds. The margins probably aren’t high, but she seems to be running a relatively successful, professional business…..proving that the provinces need models (and agencies) as much as the metropolises…..


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