Girls and……Balls

Melanie Rodriguez
Nicolette Johnson (jemapellenicoletta)
Pere Formiguera
No Added Sugar ss15
Kirsten Pauli
Eugenia Smolyan
Maxim Zheleznyakov
Mischka Aoki
Simonetta ss13

…..just to make a change from the usual photographer- or model-themed post, here’s one that is prop-themed. The images themselves come from fashion – Mishka Aoki, Simonetta, No Added Sugar and Bobo Choses (Melanie Rodriguez); and the rest from purely photographic sources. Some of the spherical objects are just that: props – particularly in fashion, where trying to make a shot a little different and memorable often involves some imaginative additions of physical objects  – empty white birdcage syndrome. The use of the glass (and one metallic) balls in the remaining artistic-photographic images is clearly more thought-out, and central to the images themselves (I’d include Melanie Rodriguez in this group, since for her the art seems more important than the fashion). In some the “crystal ball” fortune-telling/future predicting use seems to be in the artist’s mind, with Nicolette and Melanie adding the magnifying quality of a glass sphere as a theme.

Here are the relevant links – click on the name:

  1. Melanie Rodriguez
  2. Nicolette Johnson
  3. Pere Formiguera
  4. No Added Sugar
  5. Kirsten Pauli
  6. Eugenia Smolyan
  7. Maxim Zheleznyakov
  8. Mischka Aoki
  9. Simonetta  

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