En-Fant ss15 Chevron Printed Dress


En◊fant (or maybe EN FANT) was just a Danish children’s shoe brand, until it was taken over in 2012, and subsequently came out with a clothing component in spring 2015 – including the featured chevron dress. Their social media pages seem to only show a cropped version (see at the bottom), but the home site has the full length in a Dropbox file, along with other styles modelled by the same mini ice-maiden:





….the chevron boots are probably rightly kept separate from the chevron dress, but at least your little darling will be showing stylish consistency if she dons them with different outfits. Everything else looks just as wearable, except the Elizabethan ruff: which is the equivalent of designers’ constant (and doomed) battle to get teenagers to wear rompers.

The brand is mainly aimed at babies and toddlers, so this model is at the upper end of their age-range – and as usual with Danish fashion it’s crazy about prints, geometric patterns with generally a modern look: there’s not much if you’re more into retro-comfy and restrained…



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