Spotted…11th February 2012

Miranda promoting her “Kora Organics” skin- and body-care range a few years ago on a Sydney beach: and not being too embarrassed to use some young girl models to enhance the idea that the products have some kind of rejuvenating properties….the image isn’t here, but she even went as far as carrying around someone’s baby for even more of the same effect. Most of the press coverage was concentrated on her semi-scandalous baring of her legs – but she was wearing a bikini under everything….not so very unusual on a Sydney beach….

The Miranda Kerr Lookbook

Makes me want to go to the beach…

article-0-17812642000005DC-437_634x819article-2276932-178125B6000005DC-2_634x778article-2276932-178125C3000005DC-274_634x882Miranda Kerr Flashes Underwear At Photo Shoot 13946article-2276932-178122A5000005DC-293_634x786article-2276932-17812408000005DC-51_634x455article-2276932-17812587000005DC-405_634x472article-2276932-17812442000005DC-800_634x426article-2276932-17812454000005DC-545_634x431article-2276932-178123F3000005DC-440_634x770

P.S. I have some good posts coming your way this week…stay tuned!

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