8past8 by Ssuunnddeeww on DeviantArt.com (Jade Weber Look-Alike for Simply-For-Beauty-Nothing-More on Tumblr)

Well, she did ask….and in fact it’s not Jade Weber, but one of the unnamed daughters of Latvian DeviantArtist  Ssuunnddeewwand the image is entitled “8past8”: you can find the original here.

I’m really sorry, since Laurie (the blogger) is a great fan of Jade Weber, and clearly gets a big emotional charge from this particular image – even having it as the blog header, where she reiterates that it’s Jade. All I can say is that the photographer is a true artist, and that her portfolio is well worth looking through for similarly intense, beautiful pictures. She doesn’t only photograph her children, but for me they are the subjects of her most impressive work.


The image below is called “Dream….” (click on it for the source), and was clearly part of the same session. Here she looks less like Jade, but it’s still a lovely study of a young girl in a reverie….

I get Laurie’s point that “8past8” has a timeless quality that relates it to some of the great historical portraits that magazines like LIFE are famous for – and I hope she continues to enjoy it. (I’m not on Tumblr, and would need a new IP address and email to do so – so I’d be grateful if someone could direct Laurie here, with a comment on the relevant post.)

Here are some more of Ssuunnddeeww‘s images:










……with this being my favourite, and probably the most reposted of her portraits after “8past8”:


….it’s even in the “Girls and Cats” gallery….

At least researching Jade for this post showed me a lot of beautiful images of the model – whom I’d tended to ignore in the past, seeing her features as being almost too regularly “beautiful” – and I’ll definitely do a post on her in the near future, if that’s any consolation for Laurie: probably not, since she already has most of the best in her Tumblr blog……

Well, although the name of the subject of the original image wasn’t what she expected, she does know the name of the photographer, who seems to be actually just Sundew, and once had a site called Sundewart.com, that’s now defunct. Here she is, presumably in the Latvian woods:



2 thoughts on “8past8 by Ssuunnddeeww on DeviantArt.com (Jade Weber Look-Alike for Simply-For-Beauty-Nothing-More on Tumblr)

  1. I cannot thank you enough for your obvious taste of observation as well as ethical regard for another person’s respectability to celebrate artistry done properly and acknowledge the right person for such art. I was sent a private message to view your blog and this particular posting. I am Laurie from respectfully-dedicated-to-models.tumblr.com I wanted to say a true sincere thanks as soon as I got the message and though I too have a wordpress blog I find it very difficult to master so I stick with limited tumblr such as it is! I truly am glad to have been introduced to your blog and I will amend my posts as soon as I can. Many high regards,
    Laurie Anne

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    1. Hi Laurie Anne – I drop in on your two Tumblr blogs now and again, each time hoping someone has told you the origin of that lovely portrait. In the end it doesn’t matter – it’s lovely in its own right, and lord knows Jade has a wealth of gorgeous portraits out there – I did a post on her later, inspired by your collection – you have exquisite taste, I’m a real fan.


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