Irina Veselkina by Alina Rodionova (with a contribution from Vika Pobeda)

Irina Veselkina by Alina Rodionova (with a contribution from Vika Pobeda)













Irina has those mesmerising eyes: she’s almost wasted on a long shot that could be any pretty little ballerina (and to be honest, scrunch up the hair and put a girl in a tutu and you tend to lose the individuality – until of course she dances….). I put the best shots of her face first and last to try to obviate that effect: and they are particularly pretty images – almost up there with her – dare I say “iconic” – portraits by Vika Pobeda.

The ballerina framed by an enormous window is one of the classic tropes of girl portraiture, but the photographer, Alina Rodionova, has managed to introduce enough variations to keep the set interesting visually. She’s normally a dedicated baby photographer, with apparently just a couple of other sessions with Irina:

…..the rest being mostly Anne Geddes – style new-borns-plus-props (and I swear there are even some with the infamous cabbage-leaf hat) – tho’ you have to say that she is extremely inventive, with hardly one being the same as the next (her Facebook link isn’t Irina, by the way – just another model-ballerina).

Since you’re twisting my arm, here are the two of Vika’s contributions to iconic images in girls’ portraiture (in my humble opinion – like any value judgement it’s completely subjective) that feature Irina (she has others with other models – the second is repeated from a post on Kristina Pimenova, here):



…..her gorgeous hair makes a statement that a ballerina’s bob can’t: and she’s probably a couple of years older – but it’s difficult to tell…

She is an Angel 😇💛. Photographed by Vika Pobeda @ira_serafima_official


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