Jade Weber

Jade Weber

Before scrolling through a gallery of Jade’s finest moments, it’s salutary to look at these two videos first: in both she’s the “puppy-love” girl element with a boy singer protagonist – and you get a very good sense of the fact that she’s just eleven: a mixture of self-confidence and gaucheness, young woman and little girl: a useful balance to the sophistication of a lot of her portraits (and there’s another video at the end where she gets to do a little more acting):

As I said a couple of posts ago, I’ve tended to overlook Jade Weber’s work: she has a perfect “California” beauty: long straight blonde hair, slightly heavy claras (as eyebrows are now called) and beautifully formed eyes, nose and mouth. I’ll get a headshot out of the way, so there’s no doubt:


…..the problem for me was the super-abundance of similar shots – “Ok, she’s gorgeous: enough already!!” you felt like saying (or you would if you were American, or watched YouTube all day like my son). I missed a little character-informing imperfection – Lily Kruk’s tooth gap, Ivy Basinger’s snub nose – but you can’t blame her for being, well, imperfection-free (I know, it’s called “perfect”). Here’s a link to the origin of this post – Tumblr/WordPress blogger Laurie’s Jade Weber tagged posts.

So my gallery tends to ignore the headshots (even tho’ they were taken by some of the best in the business: Isa Battaglin, Alex Kruk  for example. Other photographers she’s worked with have included Robert Beczarski, Lee Clower, Olesja Mueller, Vika Pobeda, etc.) The iconic Katie Andelman Garner “Swan Lake” shot is obviously the first (see the Flickr image link at the bottom) – and when you look at it, cast your mind back to the videos – it’s just the same girl, showing a different dimension to her beauty:


































I’m not even sure of her nationality: she was born in Hong Kong, of French parentage (her older brothers are called Matthieu and Thibault), and lives in Los Angeles (signed with LA Models).  So far she has shown these tentative signs of being interested in acting (I don’t think that putting “actress” at the top of a child model’s Instagram or Facebook account necessarily means she’s serious), and they could just be requests for cameos from friends that she felt happy to accept: there’s no suggestion yet of her making a career change like Kristin Leible or Kaegan Baron. And, as it’s so easy to forget, she really is still just eleven – there’s plenty of time….and in fact to emphasise that, here she is with her mother, in a shot by Lee Clower:


Color My Dreams from Claire Imler on Vimeo.

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